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The Practical Counsellor with Ann

Experienced | Accredited | Supportive

Guiding people, including couples*, seniors, retirees, carers, and those navigating significant life transitions with holistic support.

*Gottman method couples relationship enhancement

Note - in-person session times are currently limited
- please enquire via message box - scroll down

Providing Wellbeing Counselling in Thornbury

In life's transitions, from the joys of new beginnings to the complexities of farewells, we understand the weight of uncertainty. I offer a steady hand, guiding you through the unknown with compassion and expertise. Because every transition, no matter how challenging, can lead to a path of clarity and peace.


Counselling Services: Your Path to Balanced Wellbeing

Emotional Support and Coping Skills

Personal Growth and Self-Exploration

Practical Guidance and Decision-Making

Holistic Counselling Strategies

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Hi, I'm Ann Cox
Founder of The Practical Counsellor

As an accredited practitioner, I specialise in guiding individuals through life transitions with empathy and expertise. Whether you need clarity in retirement discussions, explore options for senior care, or care for an elderly parent, I'm here for you.

As an End-of-Life Consultant and Planner, I help plan for the future and provide comfort during difficult times. From developing end-of-life plans to supporting carers and families, I offer tailored services to meet your needs.


I believe in approaching every life transition with grace and empowerment. Let's work together towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Finding Your Way: Three Steps to Counselling Support

1. Reach Out

The first step is to reach out for help. Contact Ann, by phone, email, or through the Book Now page

2. Schedule a Consultation

Once in contact, we'll schedule a consultation or appointment to discuss your needs and situation. Appointments can be in-person, zoom, phone

3. Collaborative Planning

During the consultation, I'll work with you to create a plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. This may involve discussing available services, creating an action plan, and setting achievable objectives for your journey towards support and well-being.

Compassionate Support for your Journey

My goal is for you to feel supported, empowered, and understood throughout your journey. I strive to create an environment where you feel safe to explore your emotions, clarify your goals, and make meaningful changes in your life.

Reach out, today.

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