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Optimise Retirement Planning for your Ideal Living

Stay at Home or Move to a Retirement Community of Seniors?

Care options to be considered in retirement planning.

My job as a carer consultant is listen to the client(s) needs, both their goals for new adventures in retirement, and their long term goals for practical living.

To unlock the secrets to successful retirement planning and live your ideal life. Explore care options, home modifications, and more for a fulfilling retirement.

Your ideal retirement - A beautiful garden? CWA event

Responsible retirement plans incorporate both 'best-case' and 'worst-cast' scenario.

Discuss values and long term planning for your ideal life

We may start discussing values, what is most meaningful, and help sort out their priorities. Do they value social connections, activities and being close to facilities, or do they love their own space and prefer being on their own? End of life planning discussions and documents are discussed.

Ideally choose a home for aging in place practical living

To stay at home as long as possible, we need to think about the suitability of access. In some homes this is manageable with home modifications and support from carers or services such as ready made meals. In other homes, it is sometimes not practical to adapt stairs in multiple areas, adjust narrow doorways and renovate bathrooms to be able to have a flat floor and enough open space to turn a walking aid around in the bathroom,

Have you got your plans in place, or do you need some help to get started? Do you have a story to tell about good or bad experiences. Let me know how you are going, or Book in for a confidential chat on (03) 7003 2564 or book online here.


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