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Relationship Check-up: Couples Therapy

Couples who value their partnership work on communication

Focus on therapy, Gottman methods, and wellness.

We all want the best for our partners and ourselves, but are we good at explaining what we like and need? Sometimes we need a little guidance from a counsellor.

Couple talking on the couch

Improving communications helps to have better relationships and mutual understanding.

Gottman Techniques

Well renowned relationship therapists John and Julie Gottman have utilised over 40 years of research in guiding their programs and books for couples. By using guided processes and techniques, sessions are broken into 4 parts. Couples each get to have an equal say within a structure, designed to be a mostly positive experience. There are sessions together and apart, with questionnaires to assist in finding similarities and differences.

Preventative therapy

By getting to know each other better, with the help of a therapist, you may find that life gets even better.

Make an enquiry to see if this would be suitable for you, working as a couple or individually,


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