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Getting Men to have a "Tune Up" chat with their Doctor

Prevention and early detection are are part of your annual check, or tune up

  • Men please plan your annual check up as a priority - a gift to yourself

Heart Health - heart disease leads as major cause of death

Thanks to the Shane Warne Legacy Heart tests, more men are being checked for their health health, and realising that early detection can correct problems.

Annual check ups make sense, write a list of items you want to discuss, both physical and mental.

Other Risk Factors

According to the the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, some of these risk factors are preventable, if only we had someone checking and advising our men:

  • Tobacco, alcohol and other drugs

  • Over weight

  • Diet

  • Lack of exercise

  • Occupational hazards

  • Violence against males

Cancer screening means early detection

Data shows that men die earlier due to injury and disease rather than living with an injury or disease. Men are also more likely to be affected by:

  1. Suicide and self inflict injuries

  2. Heart disease

  3. Dementia

  4. Males are less likely to go to a doctor than females.

  5. The male population is ageing

  6. Homelessness is experienced by around 69,000

  7. Living under the poverty line are nearly one in 8 males.

  8. Indigenous males make up about 4% of the population.

The typical male is expected to live to around 81 years, if they live in a city and are employed. What about our rural men? How can we help more men to make better choices, and live well, as long as they can?

Ann Cox, Counsellor, Family and Carer Consultant

Source: The health of Australia's males, June 2023

The health of Australia’s males, Who are Australia's males? - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (


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