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What value do you get for the cost of a counselling session and what is the process?

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

First of all, the therapist will assess your requirements against their skills and experience. Then advise you if therapy would be suitable to go ahead. If both parties agree, an appointment is made and payment is often made to confirm your booking . You are sent a 'new client form' and a consent form to sign. The therapist reviews your information, which may require extensive reading and sometimes research prior to the meeting.

The first session explains the process, including confidentiality, limitations, and to ask what your main priorities are. Then you get to talk about the wider picture of you, what you enjoy, your strengths and any particular things you want to work on. Then, working together, the therapist listens carefully to you, making some notes. They may check that they are understanding your key concerns and prompt you to think of options that may help you clarify your situation.

Towards the end of the session, the therapist will summarise the work that you have been doing together, checking if it is still on track, or if some adjusting is needed. They may suggest some customised options of worksheets or exercises for you to work on at home, in preparation for the next session (if needed). These are designed to help you reinforce the goal(s) you are hoping to succeed in. You may choose to book another session or make your own booking when it suits you.

A follow up email may be sent with links to resources.

Kindly yours, Ann - The Practical Counsellor

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